Founded in October 2016, Talking Florida Politics is a  political website and blog dedicated to keeping readers informed on local , state  and federal campaigns, politics and the making of public policy  as it pertain to Florida and how such policy affect the lives of Floridians.  We hope to also provide  additional insight into who our  elected officials are in the Florida legislature as well as those who who represent Florida in congress, to include the executive branches of government and its agencies. 

Writers and contributors to this site will also share with the public both data driven information specific to,  polling, demographics, cultural shifts and voting patterns, as well as knowledge based inside information on the give and take of the political process, legislation, campaigns and the various personalities that make up Florida politics.

Michael Dobson, Publisher and  Founder of Talking Florida Politics

Long time Tallahasse based governmental relations professional, political consultant  and columnist: Dobson, Craig and Associates



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